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Hello, welcome to Locked on Learning! This site is all about education, how it has improved over time, and how we can improve it!

Here at Locked on Learning, I would like to hear all your opinions on the subjects I want to talk about, so I will post “Topic Polls” so I can get feedback on the topics. If that topic gets a lot of good reviews, I will continue posting about it, and if it gets bad reviews, I will stop talking or talk less about it.

I like watching YouTube, reading memes online, and science. If you saw me in person, I would likely be wearing a black jacket and a scarf.

2 thoughts on “About Locked On Learning!

    • jmm888

      I think that our current US education system is decent, but it has a flaw: we expect all students to be the same. This sounds almost impossible, but maybe education could become based around the student and how they learn best (Ex: Hands On/Interactive, Visual Learning, etc.).

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