Creative Commons



“landscape” by barnyz

This photo is of a nice river by what looks like a forest. I’m not sure where the river is, but it looks good nonetheless. I found this image on Creative Commons, which is a site for images that are free from copyright laws and can be used by the public as they want.

My New Header


 Because this week is themed around images, I’ve decided to make a new, original header! This is sort of the logo for this site and I made it by going to and taking a screenshot of the logo I made there, used a cropping tool to make it circle (and to not be subject to copyright), and finally customizing the site for this image to actually fit.

My New Avatar!


Today we created our own avatars.

I created my new avatar using Cartoonify. I tried to make it as close to what I look like in real life as possible. Usually I wear a black jacket just like that one and glasses similar to the ones on my face in the picture. I could not add a scarf to it because it is not an option, but I would have put it on there if I could.

This is what my avatar looks like!