Week 8: Finale Reflections (Part One)


  Blogging is fun and I love making polls for my blog, so I might keep going. I participated in all 8 weeks of challenges, and in total I posted 13 posts (not counting this one). My blog received a grand total of 26 comments, and the post the got the most was the profile picture post. I really enjoyed the music maker post because I got to show off my megalovania doorbell remix, and I’ll keep posting music posts along with polls on this blog. My main web tools were Pixabay, Chrome Music Lab, and CrowdSignal. I probably won’t post that often on here, but I’ll likely post a remix of a song or a poll every other week. The blogging challenge was really fun, and I’ll see you in the next post.

One thought on “Week 8: Finale Reflections (Part One)

  1. ejbacklund

    Hi Jeffery! I’m Elijah and I think that our reflection was really great. I like how you explained what your favorite posts were, and I think that your blog is very professional. I think your title is spot on and really “locks” into the readers mind. In the future, adding more paragraphs would look even more appealing to the reader, instead of a huge paragraph. Also you could use some kind of grammar check just to make sure everything is right. Great job again Jeffery on the Student Blogging Challenge!

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