Family Traditions


Hello readers, I hope you have a great break (if you’re about to go into break too). On that note, here is a list of the holidays celebrated by my family. I’d like to hear what your celebrating around the world!

New Years Eve/Day: The celebrate the New Year.

Valentines Day: A day to celebrate the relationships between people, also we get candy.

St. Patrick’s Day: A day to celebrate Irish culture.

Easter: (I actually didn’t know this until I searched it 😛 ) A day said to be the Resurrection of Jesus and a very holy Sunday.

Pride Month: (Just me in the family, nobody else does in my house) The month of remembering the Stonewall Riots and how the LGBTQ+ got more recognition.

Halloween: A day that used to be a day of fear and hiding from spirits that evolved into the fun, candy collecting, costume wearing holiday it is now.

Thanksgiving: A day for giving thanks for everything you have, and eating lots of food.

Christmas: Believed to be Jesus’s birthday and the day Jesus died for us and came back to life (Didn’t know this either 😛 ). There are also presents and food on this day.

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