Scholarly Article: What Will Education Look Like in 20 Years?


There are many factors influencing what schools may look like in 20 years: unprecedented global forces and unforeseen technologies and paradigm shifts in the ways students want to learn and teachers want to instruct. I predict that the future of education will require educators to be more entrepreneurial, collaborative, creative and innovative. Additionally, learners will be even more tech savvy, demanding, confident and focused as consumers of education.

Today’s learners are digital natives. They are accustomed to getting information and meeting their needs with a click of a button in a user-friendly, personal and customizable way. Future educators will have to face the fact that students will need (and want) to learn in a flexible, personalized format — for some, this may mean having a more technology-focused classroom. Students will want their learning experience to meet their interests, time constraints and academic needs.

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So basically this article is made to inform on what education may look like in the future, and I agree with it. I actually want this to happen because if it really does, students will be able to learn at their own rate and get the special type of education that they need. Everyone is unique, so school should be unique to the student in that way.

2 thoughts on “Scholarly Article: What Will Education Look Like in 20 Years?

  1. Pamela Richards

    Do you think that the physical building called a “school” will change? Will more students learn remotely? Do students still need a classroom to interact socially? Will teachers still be necessary with such a plethora of knowledge available on the internet?
    Just a few thoughts,

    Mrs. Richards

    • jmm888

      Hi Mrs. Richards!
      I don’t think the actual building will change much, but maybe it would become a little larger. I also don’t think that students will learn more remotely. I think that students will participate in more group projects, and more interactive lessons will be taught. Based on the rate we are going with technology today, I can safely say that the technology we currently have will keep evolving and will be a key part of the new education system.
      Thank you for the reply,

      Jeffrey M.

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